710BR – Long Term Leasing

710 Beach Rentals offers extended leases on many properties. Monthly rates are not listed for year round rentals but almost all will consider an extended stay. Please let us know your dates and budget and we will provide most suitable options.

Student rentals are accepted; however, reckless partying and property abuse will not be tolerated. Large security deposits are required and tenants must be willing and able to maintain the property.

To respect the privacy of current tenants, viewings will not be allowed until applicants have been approved. To be approved, please provide below application info for ALL potential tenants and send to mgmt@710br.com in ONE EMAIL.

Current residence with landlord name, email and phone #
If current residence is not in San Diego please provide last San Diego residence with landlord info
If current residence is campus housing please provide RA contact info
Date of Birth
School & Year
Affiliations (ie. greek, sports, clubs)


9 Month Lease Options Starting September 2016

3 Bedroom/ 2 Bathrooms
Rent: $4,500 Utilities Included
Max occupants: 4

No Longer Available

Devon Sand Castle
7 Bedroom/ 4.5 Bathrooms
Rent: $8,600
Max occupants: 8

745 Dover
6 Bedroom/ 5.5 Bathrooms
Rent: $8,000
Max occupants: 7

743 Dover
5 Bedroom/ 5.5 Bathrooms
Rent: $7,200
Max occupants: 6

Isthmus TH
3 bedroom/ 2.5 bath
Rent: $4,300 Utilities Included
Max Occupants: 4