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5 Reasons to Choose San Diego for Your Christmas Vacation

Author 12-22-2017

You will not find a white Christmas in San Diego, but you will find one of the best family friendly San Diego holiday vacations that you have ever had. Turns out, you do not need snowcapped mountains and trees in order to get into the holiday spirit; all you need is a vibrant community, beautiful city, and an endless calendar of Christmas events. This is exactly what you will find in San Diego. Here are a couple of the top reasons to spend a Christmas holiday in San Diego.

Weather You Won’t Find at the North Pole

You may not get to enjoy the snow, but you will surely enjoy blue skies and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Building snowmen is overrated when you compare it to frolicking around beautiful beaches and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. In San Diego, you will find a little nip in the air during the evenings, but perfect weather for exploring during the day. You simply cannot beat this during the holiday season.

Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade

There is nothing quite like when Christmas comes together with dogs to create one of the best events you will ever encounter. This event is a lot like what it sounds, as hundreds of dogs and their owners put on their best costumes and parade through the Gaslamp Quarter. This is an especially fun event for those that bring their own furry friends on vacation.

Holiday of Lights

While it is very fun to drive around the local neighborhoods and find the best light displays throughout the streets, you can save yourself the time and find the best lights in town by visiting the Del Mar Fair Grounds sometime between November 24th and January 1st. One of the best family friendly San Diego Christmas activities, you can find hay rides, fire pits for roasting marshmallows, and so much more.

Ice Skating on the Beach

Ice skating is one of the most festive activities ever! But when you visit San Diego, you will have the opportunity to experience this activity with a Southern California twist, as there is an ice skating rink on the beach on Coronado Island, just across from downtown San Diego. Drink hot chocolate as you enjoy gliding across the ice with the gentle sound of waves crashing in the distance.

Eat Pie in Julian

The amazing thing about San Diego is it offers endless opportunities beyond that of your typical beach town. Julian is a small town just to the east of the city which offers lush forest, and of course, the best pies you will find anywhere. This cozy little town provides the prototypical Christmas vibe that we all love!

Regardless of how you like to spend the holidays, you will find the perfect place to do it in San Diego. Between frolicking on the beach to exploring the gorgeous wilderness of the surrounding area, you will find new traditions here that will become an integral part of your holidays for years to come.