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5 Relaxing Activities in San Diego

Author 07-25-2017

America’s Finest City makes a great place for a vacation, not least of which reason being there’s so many ways to relax! Try some of these activities in San Diego, easy on the body and refreshing for the mind.

Visit a Museum

San Diego is the proud home of many great museums, several of them around Balboa Park. The Museum of Art is a major standout, and you can easily while away hours in awe of the works on display there. But you can also spend time at the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Maritime Museum, and more! Whatever you choose, you’ll have the chance to browse at a leisurely pace and leave with a new outlook on some piece of the world.

Try Some Wineries

While technically south of the famous Wine Country of California, there are still plenty of creative and delicious wines to tickle your palette in San Diego. Try San Diego Cellars in downtown, or check out Vinavanti Urban Winery, not for away in the Hillcrest area. Or, sign up for a place like San Diego Winery Tours or La Jolla Wine Tours to try a variety! Nothing’s calming like a slowly sipped cup of wine.

Hit Up the Beaches

Thanks to the beautiful San Diego climate, the beaches are always excellent places to go, even when the water is chilly. The salty breeze is gently invigorating, and enjoy the rhythmic crashing of the waves. Of course, certain beaches are more relaxing than others. Unless you enjoy people-watching, avoid the crowds of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Head instead for lower-key (but equally beautiful) destinations like Coronado Beach and Solana Beach. All you need is a towel or chair and you’re in relaxation heaven!

Peruse the Birch Aquarium

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography hosts its own public aquarium of La Jolla Shores Drive, and it’s a lovely place to stroll and marvel at the wondrous creatures of the sea. While small for an aquarium, you can still lose yourself watching the way the animals float in recreations of their native habit. It’s relaxing for adults while still entertaining for kids! Make sure to visit the sun deck while you’re there—it’s a great place to…

Get Some Pictures

Nothing brings up memories like a photograph, so make sure you get some while you’re here! There are plenty of spots that are great for relishing San Diego’s beauty. Get a view of the boats and the skyline at Point Loma Harbor, check out the murals at Chicano Park in Logan Heights, or grab a picturesque shot of one of the piers. Take some time and try to get the perfect shot and the perfect memory to go with it!

Enjoy San Diego

Simply being in San Diego is, itself, already pretty relaxing—all you need is a place to stay! We recommend one of our fabulous beach rentals—call us at 858-598-3137 to set up your stay today!