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5 Things You Didn’t Know About San Diego

Author 07-24-2018

While San Diego may be normally known for picture-perfect beaches and impressive naval shipyards, there are actually quite a few fascinating tidbits that you may not know! Here are five of the things you might not know about San Diego:

San Diego is a Farming Powerhouse

While many people look at our phenomenal weather and typically think of the beach, here in San Diego we actually use it most of all for farming! The Mediterranean style climate we have in San Diego makes our area an ideal place to grow crops and livestock products, and here in San Diego we have approximately 7,000 family farms. We are also the #1 producer of avocados in all of the United States, so if you’re a big guacamole fan like us this is the perfect place to visit!

We Love Sure Do Love Christmas, But Only When It’s in Style

You’ve probably heard of some of the wacky laws in the places you’ve lived, and well, we’re certainly not immune here in San Diego. San Diego during Christmas time is absolutely gorgeous! Who doesn’t want to spend Christmas grilling on the beach with clear blue skies? But we bet you didn’t know this about San Diego; here in San Diego you can actually be fined if you keep your Christmas decorations up past February!

A Great History of Extreme Talent

There are many famous individuals who claim San Diego as their hometown, but there are a few legendary shredders in particular whose names you might recognize! Both Tony Hawk and Shaun White are sons of San Diego, and the former has been a great contributor to the parks of San Diego with his many generous donations over the years. In recognition of this, May 29th has been declared Tony Hawk Day in San Diego. Radical!

Hypnotists Not Welcome!

If you’ve chosen hypnotism as your profession, you might not necessarily be the most welcome here in San Diego, we’re afraid to say. Why? Well, it’s banned…sort of. In 1992, a student at local Carlsbad High School fell into a trance while hypnotism was being performed at a school assembly, and since then, hypnotism has actually been banned at all San Diego public schools!

San Diego Airport is Busy!

San Diego is one of the hottest vacation spots in the United States year in and year out, and it shows by how busy our airport can get! Did you know that San Diego Airport is currently the busiest single runway airport in the United States, and third overall behind Mumbai and London Gatwick!

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