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Antique Stores in San Diego

Going antiquing is a great way to find some unique treasures to take home with you from your San Diego vacation. What may be old and outdated to one person could be the perfect piece to accent your living space or gift to a loved one. The items found in specialty antique stores each have their own story to tell about years past, and buying and reusing products provides an environmentally friendly approach to shopping. In addition, you never know what you might find sitting in an antique shop that’s worth quite a bit of money. Whether antiquing is a favorite pastime of yours or you’re simply interested in seeing what valuables you can uncover, San Diego is a great place to hunt for your next antique purchase. There are a number of antique malls and stores located throughout the San Diego area. Read on to learn all about San Diego antiques!

India Street Antiques

India Street Antiques can be found in the North Little Italy district of San Diego. Since 1991, this award-winning San Diego antique store has been importing goods from Europe in a range of styles and eras. You’ll find a variety of furniture and other household items at reasonable prices.

Ocean Beach Antique District

The Ocean Beach Antique District has more than 200 San Diego antique stores offering a large selection of items. There is something for everyone here, including home décor, jewelry, furniture, and much more. It’s a treasure trove for anyone who relishes finding beautiful things.

Reusable Finds

Reusable Finds presents a different kind of take on antiquing. Many of the products for sale have been rescued, recycled, and refurbished into something that a new owner will find use for and value in. Home furnishings, paintings, jewelry, pottery, and china are just some of the things the shop has available.

Bad Madge & Company

Bad Madge & Company is a boutique store in the South Park area of San Diego. They have an eye for choosing San Diego antiques and vintage pieces that many people will find appealing. Their inventory includes fashion, accessories, art, home goods, furniture, collectibles, and more.

Mission Gallery

Mission Gallery is an elegant antique showroom with fascinating products from all over the world. The store specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces that are unlike anything you’ve ever come across before, and there are countless items to choose from.

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