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Green Flash Brewing Company

For more than 15 years now there has been one name synonymous with greatness when it comes to breweries in the San Diego area: Green Flash Brewing Company. Home to the legendary West Coast IPA, Green Flash has been a mainstay of San Diego and is constantly working on creating the next great beer. So, what are you waiting for? Come taste it for yourself!

A History and Tradition of Great Brews in San Diego

First established over 15 years ago by Mike and Lisa Hinkley, Green Flash has established one of the finest full-scale breweries and tasting rooms in all of San Diego through steadfast commitment to a beer first philosophy, making sure to provide customers with nothing but the best that the business has to offer. It is this passion and commitment to excellence that has allowed Green Flash to proudly serve locals and visitors alike since 2002, and we believe that you’ll be able to taste the difference this makes from your first sip to your last.

It All Started With One, and Grew Exponentially from There

Green Flash‘s history of craft beers is a storied one. After releasing the West Coast IPA for the first time, the craft beer game changed forever, but their brewmaster wasn’t done there. He and his team have dedicated themselves to following up West Coast IPA with an incredible line of craft beers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and not only have they succeeded, but they have surpassed every expectation imaginable!

Green Flash‘s year-round lineup now features multiple selections, such as Soul Style IPA, Passion Fruit Kicker, and much more! Each of these beers is unique to Green Flash and just another reason why you simply HAVE to stop here when visiting San Diego. Green Flash is constantly working to concoct the next revolutionary brew, so make sure you stop in and be one of the first to try their new creations!

No Shortage of Things to Do at Green Flash

While Green Flash may do beer better than anyone else in San Diego, that doesn’t mean that tasting beer is the only fun thing they offer! If you want to see how the magic is done, Green Flash also offers public and private brewery tours, as well as a number of other different events throughout the year. For example, the second Wednesday of every month features quiz night at Green Flash! Bring your brains and you could win a number of incredible prizes.

These are just a few of the great brews and fun events available at Green Flash. Make the most of you San Diego trip and book one of our spacious and comfortable vacation rentals.