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Horseback Riding in San Diego

Whether you go out solo or with the entire family, horseback riding is a fun activity to participate in anywhere. This is especially true in San Diego, where there are many riding farms and trails that will offer you the opportunity to saddle up and head out in the beautiful weather. Getting to see the city while sitting atop a magnificent horse will leave you with unforgettable memories. If you aren’t sure where to go for the area’s best San Diego horseback riding adventures, try one of the following suggestions.

Sweetwater Farms

Sweetwater Farms is a stable located approximately 15 minutes away from downtown San Diego in Bonita. They have guided San Diego horseback riding tours available to the public. Both beginner and advanced riders are welcome to take a relaxing trek along the lovely trails on the 20-acre ranch.

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon

To the north of San Diego in the community of Escondido, The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is positioned among graceful Eucalyptus trees on 144 acres. Hour-long horseback rides can be reserved on the property’s breathtaking trails.

Surfside Ranch/Happy Trails

If you envision yourself taking part in San Diego beach horseback riding with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing in the background, Happy Trails is the place to make that a reality. You can find them in Imperial Beach, which is the only stretch of shoreline that allows riders this unique experience. Tours are guided along the River Valley Nature Preserve, and you can choose from the early bird, swim adventure, sunset, or riverbed ride options. Keep an eye out for sea life as you jaunt through the sand.

Blanco Brothers Ranch

Blanco Brothers Ranch provides San Diego beach horseback riding expeditions as well. Riders are given the chance to test the horses out on the property before taking them out on the trail to ensure a suitable fit. Novice, intermediate, and horse aficionados are all received gladly on the ranch where the owner has taken the time to train each horse to provide a calm, gentle ride. This is also the only place you’ll find in the region that permits advanced riders to pick up the pace if they so desire and bring their horses to a gallop.

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