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Little Italy Food Tours


Little Italy Food Tours

Little Italy Food Tours is just what they sound like—a tour through some of the greatest spots in San Diego’s Little Italy. What the name doesn’t tell you is how fabulous these tours are! With high praises from all kinds of customers and twenty years in the business, Little Italy Food Tours is a great way to enjoy your time in San Diego.

Food Tours: Fine Investments

When you go on vacation, you’ll treasure forever the sights you saw and the streets you walked. But, what will really take you back are the tastes! It’s the fabulous tastes of a new city that are unforgettable. So, take a food tour and discover the best tastes of San Diego. With Little Italy Food Tours, you’ll be enjoying some of the greatest tastes in the county!

Plus, tours maximize how well you spend your time. San Diego boasts tons of fantastic restaurants—how are you going to try them all during your trip? With a tour, you can get a splendid sampling of some of the best restaurants in the area, so you can decide where to go the next time you’re in town—or even later that night! With tours, you can relax and enjoy yourself while still being shown all the great spots hidden around town.

Authenticity Through and Through

For this team of tour leaders, it isn’t enough to show you Italian food—they want to give you the Italian experience! The team includes guides who grew up in San Diego’s Little Italy or are from Italy itself. They pride themselves on giving an inside look at the history of San Diego’s thriving Italian world, telling stories of the city and of the restaurants they themselves have frequented so many times. If you want the inside scoop, these are the people to talk to!

And, of course, the restaurants you’ll visit are pure Italian, too—don’t expect the typical Italian-American chicken parmigiana or spaghetti, but look forward to delights like fried olives or breakfast pastry. Little Italy Food Tours brings you the crème de la crème!

Tour Offerings

The company offers four tours. These include the Old School tour (what Italians really eat at home, not just the star restaurant offerings), the Little Italy Pizza Tour, the Bocce Tour (mostly pizza, plus some Italian games), and the Italian Chef/Market Tour (learn to cook and shop like a gourmet)! Check them out at https://www.littleitalytours.com/Reserve one our beautiful vacation rentals in the San Diego area today!