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Modern Times Beer

Though they may be considered the new kids on the brewery block here in San Diego, Modern Times Beer is certainly making waves and fans all throughout town! Featuring a wide selection of craft brews and delicious coffees, Modern Times Beer is your go-to stop in San Diego for whatever you need to help get you through the day.

A Collection of Incredible Beers like No Other

The one thing that truly separates Modern Times Beer from every other brewery that you’ll find in the San Diego area is the incredible selection of different brews available throughout the year. In addition to six flavor bombs available all year, they also offer a number of seasonal and monthly beers as well! Sometimes it can get a little warm in the summertime here in San Diego, so why not cool off with the refreshing June Citadel beer? Or celebrate the holidays in style with friends and family with a delicious December Sula beer! When you visit Modern Times Beer here in San Diego, the choices are truly endless, and you better make sure to stop in often to try all of the incredible new brews!

More Than Just Great Beer

Don’t let their name fool you; though Modern Times does sell a wide selection of phenomenal beers, they’re also much more than that! Modern Times Beer also sells a wide selection of delicious and varying blends of coffee to appeal to any taste. Need a quick pick-me-up in the morning? Check out the “Guardian Spirit” espresso blend! If you’re on the fence and not sure which one to try, you can never go wrong with their classic Black House coffee beans, which were given a 94 rating by Coffee Review in 2015! Modern Times Beer believes in providing customers with nothing but top of the line quality products, and their coffee selection is no different.

Whether you need that morning pick-me-up to get through a potentially rough Monday or you’ve somehow survived that hellacious day and just need a cold one to be able to sit back and unwind, you can rest assured that Modern Times Beer has whatever you may need. They’re always brewing up the next great concoction in their tasting rooms, so don’t be shy and make sure to check out Modern Times today! Start planning your trip today and book a gorgeous vacation rental from 710 Beach Rentals.