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Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego

One of the best ways to get to know the place you are visiting is to start out your vacation with a professional tour of the town. You get to hear firsthand all about the attractions or sites you shouldn’t miss, the ones that are highly overrated, and the secret hidden spots that only the locals know, all about without having to fight traffic or spend a lot of money on taxis and rideshare vehicles!

Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego, in our humble opinion, is the first place you should look. Starting at the Old Town Market, 4010 Twiggs Street, and leading travelers all over beautiful San Diego, you can purchase tickets at the market, or online at www.trolleytours.com before you even leave your hometown. Tickets start at $35.95 for a one-day tour or $69.95 for a two-day tour, with the price of each ticket including admittance fees for 10 museums.

Why Choose a Trolley Tour?

San Diego is famous for having the most perfect weather in the world, so why would you take a tour that has you cooped up in a van or bus? Feeling like you are a part of the town as you glide through the San Diego City Lights Night Tour, where the night breezes will kiss your cheeks as you explore the Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park and so much more. This tour is separate from the all-day ones and costs $28.80 per person. Another special tour includes the Seal Tour, which is the only one not in a trolley; your vehicle of choice will be an amphibious one that easily goes from the streets of San Diego to the waters of the bay. Ghosts Tours aboard the Trolley of the Doomed teach you the history of some of our more tragic “former” residents and include a walking tour through a cemetery at night. And finally, the La Jolla & San Diego Beaches Day Tripper tour takes you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state and includes a ride to the top of Mount Soledad, where the views will take your breath away. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

After a Day of Fresh Air and Sunshine

The air-conditioned comfort of your 710 Beach Rentals vacation hideaway will offer you the opportunity to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite adult beverage, plop down on the couch with your feet propped on the coffee table, and just breathe. Your unforgettable San Diego vacation only gets better from here; reserve your piece of paradise today and begin enjoying San Diego tours!