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Bird Watching In San Diego

When you are blessed with perfect weather year-round, there are a few things you can count on: It’s hard to be sad when the sun is shining; there will always be a large influx of new people visiting your hometown every winter, and the species of birds you can watch will be expansive and ever-changing! From migratory birds who mimic the behaviors of older Americans and only stay for the winter to the ones who never leave, San Diego is a popular spot for birding. Requiring only a good set of binoculars and a really cool phone app, it’s also inexpensive, educational, and lots of fun! Learn more about birding in San Diego below:

Birdwatching Apps

In the old days, birdwatchers would have to carry heavy books around, along with notebooks, a pen, and of course, a set of large, heavy binoculars to ensure they didn’t miss a single bird. As technology improved, we could download bird lists from the internet, eliminating the need for lugging heavy books, and the binoculars became smaller, lighter and more powerful.

Today, smartphone technology has made the need for handwritten lists obsolete with the advent of apps such as Audubon Birds of North America, Birder, and North American Birds Free. There are also apps that are specifically used as checklists; just type bird watching lists into your app store search bar and go from there!

Now That You Have the Necessary Equipment

It’s time to discover the best places in San Diego for birding! The protection of the wetlands in San Diego allows for some of the best birding spots in the nation. Over 480 species have been spotted in this region, making it an exciting area for birding. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has multiple spots throughout its borders that are popular with birders, but you don’t have to go to a park to get lucky; there are many lakes in San Diego that are perfect for spotting the hooded oriole (in the summer), a horned owl nest, or even a green parrot!

Birding Events

If birdwatching is a passion you love to share with other people, San Diego hosts many different birding festivals throughout the year. The San Diego Bird Festival, held in February, or the Annual Hawk Migration during October or November, when The San Diego Audubon Society holds a grassland hike during to ensure you find the best spots to watch the migration occur.

Birding In San Diego

We can’t guarantee that you will find the rarest of bird species while sitting on the porch of your 710 Beach Rentals cozy cottage, but we can assume you will find a few you never expected would be this close! Reserve yours today and discover why birders all over the world choose San Diego as their favorite bird watching destination! Get involved with birdwatching in San Diego today!