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San Diego Bonfires

Enjoy a Nice Fire on the Beach in San Diego

The tradition of the San Diego beach bonfire is classic in most beach movies. The local kids go out to the beach, light up a bunch of driftwood, and then party while the sun sets behind them. However, fire safety is something that the city of San Diego takes extremely seriously. Open fires are strictly prohibited at all San Diego beaches, but there are a few ways that you can still enjoy a nice fire at the beach.

Regulation Fire Pits

Although San Diego has outlawed open fires on all public beaches, they have provided designated San Diego beaches with fire pits in which you can enjoy a nice fire. These San Diego beaches with fire pits are available on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved for special events. You are able to use these concrete fire pits, but you cannot go outside of the concrete barrier. Along with the regulations on fire, you must also abide by the beach regulations on trash and alcohol consumption during your fire pit time.

Bonfire Companies

There are a few companies in the San Diego area that serve as a fire liaison for your San Diego beach bonfire parties. These companies are very familiar with the regulations and make sure that you are well within the rules set down by the city of San Diego. Many of these companies have different packages that you can choose from that will help you with your beach party planning needs, including burn time, ordering extra wood, cleanup, and number of extras. Most of these companies will offer a type of clean up service that vows to clean up the ash and unburnt wood that is left behind after your party. They make sure that everything is in perfect condition when they leave, and even vow to make it cleaner than when you started. To get help from a professional company, check out

Large Professional Parties

Sometimes resorts and other establishments have made arrangements with local government to have large San Diego beach bonfires for the entertainment of their guests. These resort parties are pre-planned and may be available to non-resort guests. Make sure to check out the list of scheduled events with the city to see if there is one that you can attend.

A gigantic beach bonfire in San Diego may be something left to the movies, but you can still enjoy a nice fire on the San Diego Beaches with fire pits. You may also enjoy one of our beachfront vacation rentals to make the walk back from your fire event shorter.

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