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San Diego Sky Tours

We have all seen the delightful views in and around San Diego, but have you seen them from thousands of feet in the sky? San Diego Sky Tours is a local veteran-owned and operated company that specializes in the wonder of traversing the San Diego area skies with views that cannot be beat. They provide a combination of aerial tours and air combat experiences that are second to none. With San Diego Sky Tours, you get a unique sightseeing adventure that provides entertainment and education into one fantastic experience.

Aerial Tours

San Diego Sky Tours offers a variety of aerial tours that will satisfy any thrill seeker. Each different trip provides you with a headset to openly communicate with the pilot during flight and plenty of time for group photos. You and a loved one can take a trip with the Couples Biplane Flight, where two biplanes show you the incredible San Diego views. Open cockpit biplane rides allow you to feel the wind in your hair with these classic plane rides.

Turn up the excitement and book the Aerobatics Thrills ride, where you can experience loops, spins, and rolls across the San Diego skies. You will feel speeds of up to 140 miles per hour on this extraordinary thrill ride. If you just want to spend a relaxing day or evening sightseeing, the Socal Classic Tour, Whale Watching Adventures, and Sunset Escape trips are perfect for you! Each tour offers a 20, 30, or 60-minute flight tour with customization options convenient for you.

Air Combat

Aerial tours will show you the open skies, but San Diego Sky Tour’s air combat flights allow you to experience the thrills of a World War I fighter pilot. The professional pilots take you on an air combat experience where you and an adversary in vintage open cockpit biplanes feel the authentic experience in the air.

These trips are perfect for couples looking to “duke” it out or that adventuresome friend. Your flight will include GoPros for the perfect pictures, an informative military brief, flight instruction, and a 50 to 55-minute flight mission that will be unforgettable. This truly unique experience is one that cannot be skipped!

Dream of Flight with San Diego Sky Tours

Make sure to check out San Diego Sky Tours during your next vacation adventure. The owners have years of military and commercial aviation experience and have a love for flying that knows no bounds. Previous customer testimonies will only solidify your need for these thrill rides. Reserve your next aviation thrill ride today with this veteran-owned and operated company at (619) 757-6419 or check them out at 3717 John J. Montgomery Dr. Experience the thrill of aerial tours and air combat experiences with the professionals at San Diego Sky Tours! Book your next stay with us today!

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