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San Diego Surfing

If there is a way to have fun in the water, there’s a good chance you will find it in San Diego. All up and down the coastline, watersport enthusiasts have been creating and innovating watersports for decades. One such watersport that is immensely popular in San Diego is surfing. For decades, surfers have inhabited the coastline of San Diego to catch great waves. The variety of beaches in San Diego provides a great place for experienced surfers or beginners alike. Here are a few of the best surf spots in San Diego.


This world-famous beach lies at the river mouth point break at the border of San Diego and Orange County. The beach is quite a hike from the parking lot, but you will be handsomely rewarded with amazing waves once you get there. This popular San Diego surf beach is heavily crowded with professionals and beginners alike, but the waves here are worth the wait. When there is a good south to southwest swell, you will see waves unlike any other.


Oceanside has miles of gentle beach that provides a great place to learn how to surf. The beach is best known for the jetties in either side of the harbor. The steepest swells will pass Oceanside, so on some occasions you will see some major waves.


There are several reef breaks around the La Jolla area, most of them lying dormant for the better part of the year, only to awaken dramatically on the right combination of swell and tide. For example, La Jolla Cove is a tranquil, deep water beach mostly used for snorkeling, but once or twice a year each winter, a powerful swell will turn into a big San Diego surfing opportunity. The lesser known breaks around La Jolla and Bird Rock are difficult to find, but the best spots are known to the local San Diego surfing company. Windansea is the most consistent of these breaks. This beach is well-known and can be very crowded, but it is ideal for bodyboarding.

Top Spots for Surfing in San Diego

San Diego is a great spot for surfing. Whether you are looking to learn a new watersport or continue an old passion, San Diego is the perfect place to do it. If you are looking to plan a trip for surfing in San Diego, 710 Beach Rentals will help you plan the best trip of your life by staying in a great vacation rental.