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San Diego Whales

See the Ocean’s Gentle Giants with a San Diego Whale Watching Trip

San Diego is exposed to a lot of marine life. Visitors to the San Diego Bay will regularly see sea lions, dolphin and seals swim right up to the shore. San Diego’s marine life is very active, and one of the more interesting things to see while in town is the migration of the whale pods, or in other words, whale watching in San Diego.

Winter and Spring Gray Whale Watching

Each year more than 20,000 gray ways make a 10,000-mile journey from Alaska to the lagoons of Baja California, where the females will give birth to their calves. After spending some time in the warm waters of Baja to help the development of the young calves, they will make their journey back up to the frosty waters of Alaska. San Diego whale watching season for this particular species is from mid-December to about April, the migration path lies just off the shore of San Diego and gives guests a unique view into the complicated life cycle of the gray whale. Generally, the gray whales will travel alone or in pods of two or three, but more may be seen traveling together during this migration season. These whales are true giants of the ocean and are roughly the width of a regulation basketball court and travel at the average speed of five knots, or about six miles per hour.

Summer and Fall Blue Whale Watching

Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth and are thought to be among the most endangered of the great whales. From mid-June to September they can be found off of San Diego’s coast. The largest group of blue whales in the world, about 2,000 to 3,000, will feed off the shores of California during the summer months. The enormous creatures, who can grow to be more than 100 feet long, give away their location by spouting 30 foot columns of water in the air that can be seen from miles away. The migratory patterns of these giants have been tracked from the Antarctica to California to Costa Rica. Changes in the ocean’s temperatures and the abundance of krill over the past few years have attracted these whales to San Diego’s coast. Since these whales tend to travel in deeper waters, it is recommended that you take a boat trip to participate during this San Diego whale watching season to catch a glimpse of these behemoths.

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