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Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour

Explore La Jolla’s famous sea caves and immerse yourself in a thrilling expedition of discovery and daring by taking a tour of these unique structures firsthand on the Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour!

Details on the Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour

On this tour, kayakers will see some of San Diego’s most exquisite coastline features. Get close enough to see sea lions sunning themselves on enormous rocks, and paddle your way above the leopard sharks, garibaldi, and kelp beds that characterize this one-of-a-kind aquatic region of San Diego.

Available all year long, the Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour is offered through charters like La Jolla Kayak Tours, which prices their packages at $45.00 for a single kayak and $79.00 for a double kayak has tours lasting around two hours in length. Prices can also vary depending on the time of departure and the season. During such tours, kayakers should expect to get wet. They will also paddle approximately one to two miles, exerting the same level of effort as if they walked that distance.

Other tour providers also take you on a tour of the Seven Sea Caves, with most La Jolla Kayak Tours lasting between 90 minutes and two hours, traversing the Emerald Cave if safety conditions permit. Prices for kayaking packages from these providers can be as low as $40.00 per person, though most charters base their costs on renting a single kayak versus renting a tandem kayak. Tour services such as Aqua Adventures also charge by weight limit-specific kayaks, with peak pricing at upwards of $110.00 for a two-person kayak with a weight limit of 450 lbs. Non-peak discounts may also apply, ranging from a 10% to 40% reduction in price.

Many tour guide services do not require previous kayaking experience, making them a great way to learn how to kayak will experiencing the wonders of San Diego’s beautiful sea cave environment. Some tour charters also allow kids as young as five years old, so be sure to ask if you have small children!

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