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Snorkeling in San Diego

Whether this is your first time visiting our fair city or your hundredth, we are sure you will agree that exploring San Diego brings happiness and joy to everyone. The history, scenery, and weather all combine to create a town of complex beauty and excitement filled with activities and adventures waiting to happen. Being an ocean town, water activities are amongst our favorites, and snorkeling is one of the most enjoyable. There’s no better way to fill a few hours of your day than by floating aimlessly in the waters, mask and snorkels allowing you to breathe easily and view the magic that lies just under the surface. If you’ve never tried it before, there’s no time like the present! We’ve compiled this list of everything you need to take up the sport during your San Diego vacation. Learn about snorkeling in San Diego below:

Renting the Equipment

Sometimes the simplest of issues can become the biggest obstacles, and if you don’t know where to get the equipment you need for snorkeling, the adventure just may stop there. This would be a shame, considering equipment needs are minimal for this sport; a mask, a snorkel, and fins are all it takes! An underwater camera might be considered a necessity as well, though; the world under the sea is so beautiful, you may just need to bring some pictures back home as a visual reminder of your adventure. Snorkel San Diego Scuba at 3939 Mission Boulevard and Cheap Rentals at 3689 Mission Boulevard are two great places for snorkeling rentals. Disposable underwater cameras may be purchased at any drug store or the local Walmart.

Where to Go Snorkeling

Now that you have the equipment, where do you go snorkeling? Many companies offer snorkeling tours, allowing you to experience the best experiences San Diego has to offer. Scuba San Diego is one such company, offering guided snorkeling tours of La Jolla Cove in addition to their diving tours. For those of you who don’t want strangers interfering with your snorkeling experience, you will have plenty of opportunities to check out what’s under the sea at the beaches in the area. The most popular spots include Mission Point Beach with its quiet waters, Shell and Boomer Beach just south of La Jolla, and Sea Lion Cave and Devil’s Slide just north of La Jolla. All of these places offer clear blue waters teeming with colorful and fascinating sea life for your viewing pleasure.

San Diego Snorkeling Spots

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