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Stand Up Paddleboard in San Diego

Sometimes the newest crazes develop from the oldest traditions, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the perfect example. Originating in Africa centuries ago, the earliest version of SUP was used as a method for being able to stealthily attack enemies during wartime. Creating strong core muscles (although we’re pretty sure that those words were not used back then), the warriors could quietly work their way into enemy territory without being seen or heard and gain the battle advantage. Today, SUP helps fight other battles (such as the battle of the bulge) and has become the number one water activity in the San Diego area. Here’s some information on where to find equipment, lessons, and the best place to participate in the sport during your Southern California vacation! Learn about SUP in San Diego CA below:

The Equipment

Unlike other water activities, the list of equipment needed for SUP is a short one; all you need is a board and a paddle. Because it’s unlikely you have packed a 10-and-a-half-foot SUP board in your luggage, your first stop should be someplace you can rent the equipment. If you’re interested in lessons, The SUP Connection at 2592 Laning Road offers lessons at a reasonable price in addition to rental equipment. If you already know how to do it and aren’t as near Liberty Station, Point Loma as you would like to be, they also deliver!

Mission Bay Stand Up Paddle at 707 Pacific Beach Drive is another great place to rent from. If you would like to get a little something different out of your SUP San Diego experience, taking their SUP yoga classes will give you peace of mind as it builds core muscles! K-Dubs Beach Rentals at 4330 Mentone Street offers good prices, SUP delivery, and other beach necessities as well, such as chairs and volleyball nets!

Where to SUP in San Diego

If you prefer to go your own way in life and in the SUP world, it’s important to know the spots that can enhance your SUP experience. Requiring calm waters that you may not find at your favorite SUP beaches, we’ve done the research and found that the following places are where you will have the most fun! The Santa Barbara Cove in Mission Bay (adjacent to the Bahia Hotel) features calm waters and the occasional opportunity to view a whale off in the distance! La Jolla Cove at the La Jolla Cove Marine Sanctuary may just be the most scenic place in all of California for your SUP adventure; just try to pay attention to your board and not get too distracted by the scenery and sea life you encounter! And finally, if you happened to bring your faithful fur baby along for the trip, Del Mar’s Dog Beach offers calm waters and the opportunity for your pet to join in the fun!

Along with Good Exercise

Often comes a little pain, but you can refresh tired and aching muscles in the hot tub of your 710 Beach Rentals vacation hideaway! Reserve yours today! Come learn to Stand Up Paddle Board in San Diego today!