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Window Shopping in San Diego

Some of our most fun shopping experiences often don’t involve purchasing anything at all; just peeking in the windows of new and unusual stores as we explore new streets gives us a warm feeling in the pit of our stomachs. The possibility of purchasing that $25,000 emerald necklace we see in that world-famous jewelry store or the thought of that sleeping bag that keeps you warm in the coldest of tundras make us happy enough, and the price doesn’t matter; who needs money for dreams? You will have plenty to dream about as you wander our streets enjoying the beautiful weather as you dream about all the places that expensive statue would look good in your house. Learn about the San Diego shops below:

The Gaslamp District

Maybe it’s rude of us to admit this, but the Gaslamp District is our favorite part of San Diego; it’s a combination of the history, architecture, and stores filled with all the things we never knew we needed! Stroll down the streets peeking into stores such as Bubbles Boutique on 5th Avenue with its selection of eclectic clothing, bath accessories, and jewelry, or take an extended glance at the animation artwork that graces the windows of the Chuck Jones Gallery, also on 5th Avenue. Did you know that Chuck Jones was the original animator of Bugs Bunny? The stores are constantly changing in the Gaslamp District, but that’s what makes window shopping so much fun!

Little Italy

Not just a place to enjoy the best lasagna in town, Little Italy offers the opportunity to walk off that extra cannoli you just couldn’t resist while exploring the windows of the shops found on its charming streets. Experience the works of talented artists that take up retail space in the Kettner Art & Design District found along Kettner & India Streets. Scott White Contemporary Art on Kalmia Street is a personal fave of ours. Dream about owning some of the modern furniture pieces found in Boomerang For Modern or DNA Design Studio.

Hillcrest for the Hip

If you’ve always dreamed of being hip and cool, you can start by window shopping in the Hillcrest District of San Diego. This neighborhood is famed for its stores filled with vintage collections, fashion that may be too cool for us (but we can still dream!), and hip art stores that we probably can’t afford. San Diego shops have it all!

Shopping In San Diego

When the urge to open up your wallet hits before you are completely ready to commit to that opal necklace or velvet hat, head back to the comfort of your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and sit out on the quiet of your back patio. A few minutes of quiet contemplation will resolve the issue and start shopping in San Diego today! Book your vacation now!