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Bayside Trail

The beauty of the San Diego countryside is never more apparent than when hiking along the many trails that traverse the canyons in the area which offer dramatic views that seem to go on forever, a sense of peace and tranquility, and the rare opportunity to become one with nature. The Bayside Trail, which takes you around the Cabrillo Monument, is one that is popular with both locals and tourists, lasting 2.5 miles and meandering along paths that aren’t just magnificently majestic, but a part of our history. This area is where explore Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo took his first steps on the land that would one day be called San Diego.

Starting Near the Old Lighthouse

The Bayside Trail is a self-guided hike with signs pointing the way, and even more signs that tell you about the fauna and flora you will find along its gravel path. The path is an easy one, perfect for family explorations, but it is long enough that the younger walkers in your group may tire out before the trail has ended. As you hike, you will come across many historical structures in addition to the old lighthouse, including a power plant that was built in 1919.

Because the views on the Bayside Trail San Diego are so wonderful, you’ll find benches located at various spots along the trail, allowing rest periods for the younger ones and moments of quiet contemplation for the others. Sit and watch the “traffic” sailboats with jaunty white sails skimming across the blue waters as the sun shines merrily overhead. Creative types often choose these spots to create new masterpieces, be it colorful paintings or the next great American novel; the spectacular views from the bench are an artist’s dream come true.

As you near the halfway point of your incredible stroll, the sight of nuclear submarines anchored in the exact same location Cabrillo’s ships rested is also a powerful image of how far we’ve come in the last (nearly) 500 years; this spot also marks the beginning of the uphill portion of your walk. Rest a bit and enjoy the view of the statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo overlooking his territory.

As you continue along the Bayside Trail San Diego, military buffs may be interested to know that the path they are walking on is an old military road used frequently during the wars. Take a minute and imagine what those soldiers must have felt as they drove through paradise, doing their duty for their country, but also being able to see pretty much the same view you are looking at right now. It’s a pretty powerful image, isn’t it?

The Bayside Trail Not a Hard Walk

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