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Belmont Park

When you plan a vacation to San Diego, you are most likely looking for two things: fun and sun. San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and people flock in the thousands every year to this beautiful vacation destination. These people are looking for a good time and to soak up the beautiful weather. One of our favorite things to do in San Diego is spend a day at Belmont Park. Grab your shades and your sense of adventure for this amazing amusement park.

What is Belmont Park in San Diego?

Belmont Park is a historic oceanfront park located in Mission Bay, California. The park is the only beachfront amusement park in California and provides guests with plenty of options for a good time. The park was developed by sugar magnate John Spreckles and opened in 1925 as the Mission Beach Amusement Center. The most iconic attraction in Belmont Park in San Deigo is the Giant Dipper roller coaster, which is considered a local landmark and iconic scene in the Mission Park area.

Current Attractions

In addition to the roller coaster Giant Dipper, the amusements in Belmont Park include many traditional amusement park rides, including Vertical Plunge, Control Freak, Liberty, Carousel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Crazy Submarine, Speedway Bumper Cars, Thunder Boats, Krazy Kars, Octotron, Sky Ropes, Wavehouse, Rush Lazer Tag and Arcade, Lazer Maze, Tiki Town, Adventure Golf, and Beach Blaster. These attractions are extremely interesting and offer many different experiences. The Vertical Plunge is a three-story drop tower that will make your stomach feel like it hits your feet.

The Wave House Bar and Grill overlooks the ocean and features two artificial waves. These two attractions are staples and are must-sees at the park. The two waves at the Wave House include a smaller sheet wave called the Flow Rider and a larger wave, a flow barrel called the Bruticus Maximus, which features an 8-foot barreling wave.


The Wave House not only features an attraction but is also one of Belmont Park’s restaurants. Along with the Wave House, the park also has the Cannonball, Draft, North Shore Cafe, Belmonty’s Burgers, Hot Dog on a Stick, Sweet Shoppe, and Dole Whip. Dole Whip is one of the best ice cream places around. They serve a pineapple soft serve ice cream that tastes like pure pineapple. Make sure to grab one on your trip to Belmont Park in San Diego!

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