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Cabrillo National Monument

It may have been pointed out to you before, but it’s worth repeating: We Californians are proud of our state and its rich history, and as such, we make sure to preserve everything that is wonderful, including the Cabrillo National Monument! On September 28th, in the year 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed at the Point Loma Peninsula and the world was changed forever. The Cabrillo Monument commemorates that fateful day and is a place that will charm and fascinate you as you realize you are standing in the very footsteps of a famous 16th-century explorer!

Military History

In addition to being the landing spot for Cabrillo, this point has a long and exciting history as a military defense spot. The Point Loma Peninsula rises over 400 feet in the air, both blocking entry to San Diego and allowing for unobstructed views of the harbor below and the ocean beyond, providing the ideal spot for the military to guard the city against marauders.

In World War I & World War II, Point Loma was a vital defense station with bunkers, fire control stations, and gun batteries. Today you can visit the exhibit “They Stood the Watch” and learn about what it must have been like in those early days, and about the sacrifices these men made for our country during troubled times.

The Lighthouses

Every rocky coastline has a lighthouse, and the Point Loma Peninsula has two: one known as the Old Point Loma Lighthouse that was only in use for 36 years, and one that is still in use today, closer to the tip of Point Loma Peninsula. Low lying clouds and foggy weather often prevented the Old lighthouse’s light from being seen by sailors in need, and after opening on November 5th in 1855, it closed forever on March 23, 1891. Today, it is a museum that preserves the history of lighthouse keepers and their families that lived their lives in the lighthouse. For over 100 years, tourists have been flocking to this scenic spot, although it is a lot easier to reach the lighthouse today; the invention of the automobile has made a lot of things easier!

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Today, you can visit the statue commemorating the explorer who first discovered the beauty that would eventually become San Diego and learn all about the man and his life, as well as the history of San Diego itself. Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the area, as well as breathtaking views of the harbor and the ocean beyond.

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Visit the Cabrillo National Monument

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