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Centennial Park

San Diego is most well known as an amazing vacation destination that has temperate weather and amazing ocean views. There are many areas around San Diego that offer great views of the ocean, but not many are as well put together as Centennial Park. This beautiful park is the quintessential community park that offers everything you could ever need on your vacation. Make sure you check out Centennial Park and enjoy the beauty of San Diego.

About the Park

Centennial Park San Diego is located at the end of Coronado’s main drag off of Orange Ave. The park is just steps away from the Coronado Ferry Landing. This area is full of fun little shops and restaurants that make for a wonderful day trip. The Ferry Landing is a local hot spot and serves as the hub of San Diego’s boat travel. The park itself has a lot of wide open space, with lush grass and beautiful ocean views.

Event Venue

Centennial Park in San Diego not only serves as an important community park, but it also serves as a great event venue. Centennial Park is a perfect location for a destination wedding. The park has lots of wide open spaces for both ceremonies and receptions, and it offers some of the best views in all of San Diego. The ocean views combine with the iconic skyline of San Diego’s downtown area to create a picturesque backdrop for your important day. Centennial Park is also the location for many of San Diego’s community events. The park is home to local concerts, family holiday events and many private gatherings. The location of the park, combined with the beautiful views, make it a great event venue.

Beach Access

Along with Centennial Park having nice green spaces, Centennial Park also has small beach access on each side. The beaches face inwards to San Diego Bay and focuses on the beautiful view across the water. Photographers delight in this spot to capture the city bathed in sunset light or shoot the reflection of shining lights from buildings onto the bay. Tall palm trees line Centennial Park Beach nearest the Coronado Ferry Landing Pier. The other beach is a little quieter as it is farther from the landing. The Bayshore Bikeway passes right through here and meanders about Coronado Island.

If you are looking to spend some time in San Diego make sure you check out the beautiful community hotspot that is Centennial Park. We offer the best vacation home rentals San Diego has to offer so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions!

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