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The longer you stay in San Diego, the more you realize just how much there is to see and do here and the less likely you feel happy about having to leave at the end of your stay! The Embarcadero San Diego is one of those areas that adds to the uniqueness of our hometown, and if you have the time, we definitely invite you to spend some of your vacation hours exploring the boundaries of this popular seaport and cruise ship hub.

So Much to See and Do at the Embarcadero

The Embarcadero San Diego is currently a very popular cruise ship hub, but its so much more than that. The Headquarters inside the boundaries of the Embarcadero, once the police headquarters, has been revitalized over the years, and today is a shopper’s Mecca. Featuring chi chi shops and gourmet restaurants, the average tourist could spend their entire vacation right here and never feel shortchanged!

Home to multiple parks, all of which allow pets on a leash, chances are you aren’t going to be able to do everything in one visit—or even in just one vacation! Spend a few hours fishing, enjoy a picnic with the family, or simply stroll along the paths marveling at the peace and tranquility that can be found during your adventures. The Fifth Avenue Landing Park is a prime spot for admiring the luxury yachts that are docked there, and Lane Field Park is a baseball themed park sure to please the sports fans in your life.

The Embarcadero Art Walking Tour is a popular activity, lasting about a mile in length and featuring amazing art pieces, including the world famous Kissing Statue, a giant size interpretation of the World War II photo of the sailor engaging in a kiss with a nurse in uniform. The USS Midway Museum, a former aircraft carrier that lives out its day as a museum, is docked here and features restored planes, flight simulators, and the opportunity to experience what life at sea must have been like for our brave soldiers.

The Port Pavilion is the cruise ship terminal, but also serves as an event venue and a scenic lookout spot and is fun to visit even if you aren’t planning any cruises.

That’s a LOT of Walking

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