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Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum

From aerospace buffs to simply the curiously-minded, there’s something for everyone at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. Learn more about this intriguing locale down below!

A One-of-a-Kind Museum in San Diego

Located a twenty-minute drive north of San Diego in the town of Miramar, the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits related to not only aviation, but the history of the United States Marine Corps Aviation. Housed within its 27,000 square-foot restoration hangar are thirty antique aircraft, a variety of military equipment and vehicles, as well as a plethora of historical items inside of the museum itself. These exhibits and artifacts range from World War I to the present day.

Unlike other aviation museums, the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum maintains a special focus on the contributions to aviation made by the U.S. Marines. Additionally, it has the added benefit of being run entirely by volunteers, enabling the museum to allow free admissions for all visitors of all ages.

During exclusive weekends throughout the summer season, visitors can come to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum and attend an open cockpit day, where they can step inside of a cockpit and experience what flying was like for past Marine pilots and how their experience differs today. Additionally, pilots often give informational talks throughout the year, along with other events held at the museum.

New exhibits and future plans are in progress at all times. Recently, the Flying Leatherneck Museum opened an exhibit on the Navajo Marines that served as Codetalkers, playing a vital role in our World War II efforts and directly impacting the Marines’ ability to secure decisive victories at Iwo Jima and Okinawa by using their beautiful language to communicate in a code that was indecipherable to our enemies.

While the Flying Leatherneck Museum doesn’t charge admissions, there is an on-site store where visitors can purchase unique souvenirs to remind them of their experience at the museum and in San Diego. Donations to the museum are also accepted.

The museum is open from 9:00am until 3:30pm on Tuesday through Sunday, and is closed on Mondays and federal holidays.

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