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Girard Avenue and Prospect Street in La Jolla

Just twelve miles north of downtown San Diego, the charming and eclectic neighborhood of La Jolla is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and the treasure trove of boutiques available for getting your shopping fix. Nearly surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, La Jolla is perhaps the most scenic destination for shopping and sightseeing, showcasing a variety of shops to cater to all styles, tastes, and budgets.

Details on Girard Avenue and Prospect Street

Ranging from high-end stores to carefree souvenir stands, La Jolla’s main streets of Girard Avenue and Prospect Street have much to offer for the interested shopper. Girard Avenue is known for its distinctly one-of-a-kind shops and more familiar store chains, while Prospect Street in La Jolla boasts restaurants, art galleries, and historic buildings for your viewing pleasure.

Both streets have stunning, unbeatable oceanfront views that make for a pleasantly serene window shopping ambiance and complement your time in La Jolla. Quaint cafes and beachy restaurants are scattered throughout, encouraging you to slow down and take the time to savor each moment of your La Jolla shopping excursion with a small treat here and there. We recommend walking through downtown La Jolla for the greatest scope of the La Jolla experience, as this will take you past historic hotels like La Valencia and Hotel Parisi, trendy art galleries, and family-run boutiques with handmade wares

Upscale outdoor malls like Westfield UTC provide an interesting contrast and a comfortable familiarity for those not accustomed to shopping locally, with fancy touches like an elaborate fountain at the entrance and an ice rink inside of the food court.

If you are considering heading to the beach before or after your shopping trip in La Jolla, you’ll be pleased to know that Prospect Street has easy access to La Jolla Cove by way of South Coast Boulevard, as well as access to Ellen Browning Scripps Park—one of the most photographed locations in all of San Diego, and famous for its natural splendor and being an ideal locale for a beautiful seaside wedding.

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