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Gunpowder Point

Gunpowder Point is an interesting walk and viewpoint for military buffs, the site of what was once the Hercules Powder Company, a company that developed a smokeless gunpowder from the kelp that is prevalent in the waters here. Used primarily during World War I from 1916 through 1919, all that is left is some concrete pads where the structures from the factory used to stand. Today, it a wildlife and nature preserve, which will please the peace lovers in your family! To get to Gunpowder Point, simply type the address (Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, 1000 Gunpowder Point Dr, Chula Vista) into your GPS and follow directions; it’s worth the drive, no matter which of our homes you are staying in!

During Wartime

At one point over 1500 workers were employed by the Hercules Powder Company and giant tanks made of redwood dotted the landscape that is a haven to wildlife today. The tanks are long gone, but if you close your eyes as you walk along the concrete pads, you can almost picture what the area looked like before they closed their doors forever at the end of World War I. You can also still see the remains of the metal tracks that carried the kelp to the basin, where it would decant after fermenting; it’s just a small segment, but it makes an interesting conversation piece.

The San Diego History of Gunpowder Point Goes Back Even Further

For thousands of years, even before Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo “discovered” the land we call San Diego, Native Americans made their homes here, living off the land as they used primitive tools to build their homes, hunt their food, and do whatever it took to survive in harsh times. During your walk along the trail to Gunpowder Point, it’s possible to catch site of some of the remnants of their tools. Take as many pictures as you want of this San Diego history, but these treasures are just that: treasures that should not be removed from the preserve.


It’s not often that a city or state turns an area that was once meant for war into a peaceful refuge for the wildlife that live there, but we’ve done it twice, because we understand the importance of conservation. Birdwatchers will appreciate the variety of birds that make their home here, and they can keep track of the ones they see with an app on their phones. Hikers will appreciate the beauty of the area as they work to get their steps in—an easy feat when on vacation in San Diego.

Home Sweet Vacation Home

Your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape offers a soft place to land after a long day of sightseeing. Slip off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, and migrate to the patio for the evening show. The California sunset never fails to take your breath away, just as our homes never cease to amaze with their comfort and style. Reserve yours today!

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