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La Jolla Shores Park

Bordering by the quaint and eclectic neighborhood of La Jolla is a place in San Diego unlike any other: The San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park, a vast, fascinating, and otherworldly marine park where visitors can immerse themselves both literally and figuratively in the tranquility and splendor of the Pacific Ocean to their heart’s content.

Fun Things to Do in La Jolla Shores Park

Within the approximately six thousand acres or so that comprise La Jolla Shores Park, guests can observe marine animals and ethereal underwater atmospheres in four separate habitats, up-close and personal: a submarine canyon, a kelp bed, a rocky reef, and sand flats.

Here, you can gaze upon creatures like stingrays and leopard sharks seasonally, by way of scuba diving and snorkeling within the depths of the sea. Certain species of migratory whales are also prominent in the area due to the steep drop-off that is located relatively close to the shore. However, all visitors are prohibited from touching the environment or its denizens during their time in the park.

La Jolla Shores Park also contains an ecological reserve and a marine life refuge that borders the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. While neither scavenging nor fishing is permitted inside of the reserve area, the refuge area is open for fishing and other recreational pursuits.

At the adjacent La Jolla Shores Beach, visitors can soak up the sunshine on the soft sands of the shoreline or engage in a number of pleasant leisure activities. The beach is renowned for its gentle waves during the summer. Additionally, it is the only beachside boat launch within the city limits of San Diego, making it a popular place for kayakers to embark from.

Swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boarding are also popular athletic pastimes at La Jolla Shores park California, while scuba diving classes for beginners are often held at La Jolla Shores Park as well. Gathering around campfires on the beach is another common activity enjoyed at night.

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