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The Long Run Sport Fishing




The Long Run Sport Fishing

You have not experienced open saltwater fishing until you have taken one of the exciting fishing charters through The Long Run Sport Fishing. Nathan has taken his over 29 years of saltwater fishing in the San Diego area into The Long Run crew, making sure you experience of all the “hot spots” for the best possible trip.

The Fish and Trips

Long Run Sport Fishing specializes in various charters, including custom, private, and open fishing trips ranging from a few hours to two days. You will be shown what is biting during the season and whatever else you want to catch. For single day trips you can target local fish such as yellowtail, sculpin, sand bass, barracuda, halibut, and more. These fish can easily be found outside the San Diego Harbor if you know where to look like Nathan and his crew. Overnight trips let you expand the selection of fish to catch to include albacore, dorado, sharks, and marlin.

Summer is just around the corner, with the season bringing out more warm-water fish. Shark season is kicking off and typically lasts through November. Long Run Sport Fishing is a proponent of responsible shark fishing and makes sure San Diego maintains a healthy population. They advocate a catch and release policy for sharks under 80 pounds and over 140 pounds to ensure these fascinating creatures are continued to be preserved.

More Than Fishing Trips

The Long Run Sport Fishing not only provides exciting  San Diego fishing charters, but also whale watching excursions, private parties, and bay cruises. Every two guests are paired up with a crewmember to ensure everyone is happy with their fishing experience. Catering is also available upon request. Guests are encouraged to bring whatever supplies they need, including food and beverages. It is always recommended that you include your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and ice to keep your catch cold. A U.S. fishing license is required for booking, and a Mexican fishing license is required if you join an overnight charter to Mexican waters. Fishing licenses can easily be purchased online or in person. Book your San Diego fishing charter today with The Long Run Sport Fishing by visiting their website at http://www.thelongrunsportfishing.com/ or giving them a call at (858) 336-6594.

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