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Mission Beach Boardwalk

Even if you have never visited our ocean city before, chances are you do have some idea of what to expect from your San Diego vacation. Perhaps you’re looking forward to long days spent at the beach, margaritas at sunset, and the best people watching spots in the nation, including along the Mission Beach Boardwalk. If you had to ask us to pinpoint the most San Diego-esque spot in all of San Diego, the boardwalk would be our first choice for fun activities in San Diego, and if you aren’t staying for long, it is the one attraction you should move to the top of your vacation bucket list.

Start at the Beginning

The Boardwalk’s official starting point is located at the end of Laws Street in Palisades Park and continues for about a mile or more along some of the most beautiful landscape (and seascape!) of San Diego. Here is where you can walk hand in hand with the one you love most, stopping in cute shops and boutiques to pick up souvenirs and remembrances of this unforgettable vacation. Grab an ice cream from Big Kahuna’s Ice Cream, find a spot to lean against the seawall bordering the boardwalk, and take the time to engage in our favorite outdoor tradition: people watching! This is where the bikers, the hikers, the roller bladers, and skateboarders all come to enjoy their chosen hobbies, a scene you’ve probably watched on television or in the movies a million times over the years. But this time it’s real and you are getting to see it all happen live!

If you feel like doing a little fishing for the night’s dinner, Crystal Pier Bait & Tackle, which just happens to be located on Crystal Pier, rents and sells everything you might need for a few hours of drowning worms. Even if you don’t want to fish, but just want to spend a little time staring at the seas that spread out before you, Crystal Pier is the place to stop—especially at sunset! However, you plan to spend your time at the Mission Beach Boardwalk, be sure to plan to be on Crystal Pier for Mother Nature’s most spectacular performance, the California Sunset. You can always head over to one of the many restaurants found on the Boardwalk after, as you will probably be pretty hungry by the end of your day.

As Night Falls on the Mission Beach Boardwalk

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