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Old Town Historic Park

San Diego is more than an ocean side city with unbelievably awesome weather; it’s a city with a rich and colorful history, respected and celebrated by residents and adored by visitors. The Old Town area of San Diego is one of our favorite spots to visit, and the Old Town Historic Park, located within the borders of this area, is an amazing place to enjoy our awesome weather while learning about the history of our favorite town.

What Was It Like to Live Here in the Past?

Our history is intertwined with Mexico, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the meticulously restored buildings found throughout the park. Offering a glimpse into history, the five adobe buildings are a visual reminder that at one time, not so long ago, our vibrant and bustling town was Mexican village. Today, these restored buildings are used in a very modern way, housing shops, restaurants, and museums that detail our history. The Plaza is the hub of the park, offering a chance for patrons to gather and celebrate as they dine, shop, explore, and watch as blacksmiths do their thing in much the same way blacksmiths have worked for centuries. Your young children will love the opportunity to pet the burros and take part in activities that represent San Diego the way it once was when you visit the Old Town Historic Park.

Events and Activities

In addition to the woodworking and blacksmithing shows offered regularly, Old Town San Diego Historic Park is home to many special events throughout the year, including a fall festival in October and Trick or Treating on Halloween. In tribute to our Hispanic origins, we celebrate Día de Muertos on November 1st and 2nd with a combination of traditional and modern alters that will be set up around the park in various locations for you to honor family members who have passed. We will also feature a “graveyard” where you can leave messages for those you miss the most. As the holiday season kicks into gear, you can also expect that our wonderful park will be hosting holiday celebrations in addition to their regular events and activities. You can check out the park’s website for a map of altar sites and an events calendar to see what is going to be happening during your San Diego vacation.

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