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Point Loma in San Diego

Point Loma is famous for its lighthouses, but it is so much more than that. A vibrant and bustling neighborhood in San Diego, the five districts that make up the region are filled with fun and exciting things to do while vacationing in paradise. Here, you will find everything from million dollar mansions to swap meets, from haute cuisine restaurants to tide pools with their unique ecosystems, and of course, historic lighthouses and the Cabrillo National Monument. You could spend every minute of your vacation in this diverse region of San Diego and still need to come back a few more times just to take it all in!

The Point

Home to historic and luxurious multi-million dollar mansions, the Point area of Point Loma in San Diego is a fabulous area just to drive around and take in the views of a lifestyle most of us will never get to experience ourselves. The most famous of homes in the area, Rosecroft, is a 15,000 square foot mansion built in 1912 by famous architect Emmer Brooke Weaver, and today is on the National Register for Historic Places.

The Midway

This Point Loma district is where you will find the largest flea market in town, Kobey’s Swap Meet; it is an awesome place to spend a few hours over the weekend! Offering everything from new, vintage, and antique items, bring cash and arrive early before all the best bargains are gone!

Ocean Beach

Build a bonfire on the beach or spend the day throwing sticks into the surf; this Point Loma district exemplifies the southern California lifestyle—laid back and fun. You can fish from the pier without a fishing license or simply walk along the shoreline. It’s your vacation and the options are endless!

Harbor side

Here is where the yachts belonging to the homeowners of the multi-million dollar mansions in the point are docked, and here is another chance to catch a glimpse of the way the top one percent lives.

Liberty Station 

What was once the Naval Training Center is now an oceanfront master planned community that is home to museums, breweries, and a very creative artist’s community. Golf enthusiasts might be interested to know that the Loma Club Golf Course is based in this, the fifth and final district of Point Loma.

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Lighthouses, whale watching, and scuba diving are just a few other activities waiting for you in the historic and scenic Point Loma in San Diego. Book your luxury 710 Beach Rentals vacation home today and start planning the vacation of a lifetime. Don’t forget your vitamin B12—you’re going to need all the energy you can get when you start exploring Point Loma!

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