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Razor Point and Beach Trail Loop

The object of most San Diego vacations is to get out there and enjoy what is so bountiful here: good weather, beautiful views, and fresh air! How can you stay inside when the outside is just so absolutely wonderful? From days spent at the beach frolicking in the waves to bike rides along the boardwalk and, our personal favorite, hikes through the valleys and canyons that surround our hometown, every day is a dream come true when you spend it outside. Razor Point and the Beach Trail Loop offer breathtaking views of Torrey Pines and the Pacific Ocean below as well as a sense of serenity you may not find anywhere else on Earth. If you plan on hiking only one trail during your stay, this is the trail you should try!

Popular and Sometimes Crowded

It’s no secret that Torrey Pines State Park is as close to paradise as you can get, and the trails and vantage points can get crowded, including Razor Point and the Beach Trail Loop, so your best bet is to head in that direction early in the morning or on a random Tuesday. The crowds thin out on Tuesdays, and since you’re on vacation, you don’t have to worry about skipping work to hike!

Once you arrive, you’ll drive through the gate and up the hill, following the Beach Trail signs; this will lead you to the parking lot which costs $10 and the beginning of your adventure! Restrooms are available in the parking area, but you should be sure to pack some water; the hike takes you up about 200 feet, so although it is relatively easy, you probably will get a little thirsty.

Now Just Breathe

The sight of the unusual and rare Torrey Pines that dot the landscape will be the first sign that you aren’t in Ohio anymore, and as you hike along the dirt trail, the scent of the salty ocean air will make you grateful you aren’t. When you reach the top of Razor Point, you’ll want to sit for a minute and just breathe in the wonderful feeling of peace as you look around and take in the rocky cliffs leading down to the ocean below. The walk along the Beach Trail gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at the twisted beauty of our Torrey Pines and the wildlife that make their homes in their branches and in their shade. The raw beauty of the park photographs wonderfully, so don’t forget to bring your camera; you’re going to want to capture these memories forever!

When the Sun Sets on the Razor Point and Beach Trail Loop

It’s time to head back to your 710 Beach Rentals and rest your tired feet. The park is only open from sunrise to sunset, but that’s ok, as there’s plenty to do in your vacation home away from home. Reserve yours today and discover how our homes can make your vacation the most memorable one you’ve ever experienced!

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