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Sea World

Take a Dip with the Dolphins or Visit with the Fishes at San Diego’s SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Diego is as animal theme park, oceanarium, and outside aquarium that is located in San Diego, California. The park has 26 animal habitats, 10 rides, 20 shows, two play areas, four special limited-time events, and 11 distinctive experiences that are one of a kind to SeaWorld. Along with these already established rides and attractions, SeaWorld in San Diego will be expanding in 2017 by adding new attractions, including a dark ride that will take you through the sea while in a submarine.


SeaWorld San Diego is known for its shows with real live animals that generally leave the audience soaked. Their shows vary by animal and age range, but all are fun and informative. Here is a list of some of the shows they currently offer:

• One Ocean (Shamu Stadium): A Shamu show that features the park’s killer whales and their trainers.
• Killer Whales: Up Close (Shamu Stadium): An educational presentation that provides facts about killer whales and how they are trained and cared for.
• Dolphin Days (Dolphin Stadium): A show where guests can meet the Whale & Dolphin family and find out what inspires their trainers.
• Sea Lions LIVE (Sea Lion & Otter Stadium): A show that spoofs TV shows and music featuring California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters.
• Pets Rule (Pets Stadium): A show that mainly features dogs, cats, and a pig, but a variety of exotic birds, emus, ducks, and a kangaroo, make appearances

Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis is a one of a kind attraction. This ride combines aspects of flume rides, rollercoasters, and boats that will leave you speechless. You take a boat journey through the rough seas and end up in the lost city of Atlantis. At the exit of the ride lies an aquarium that is home to cownose rays, spotted eagle rays, leopard sharks, and southern stingrays.

Animal Exhibits

Along with the shows and attractions, guests can view various marine life in their habitats. These habitats range from dolphins and small fish to killer whales and sharks. Here are the habitats available:

• Explorer’s Reef
• Dolphins
• Killer Whales
• Blue World Project
• Pacific Walruses
• Penguins
• Beluga Whales
• Polar Bears
• Otters
• California Sea Lions

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