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The Star of India Maritime Museum

Life on the seas was a hard one, filled with dangers, sickness, and long days of nothingness interspersed with days of hard activity aboard beautiful vessels that are considered works of art in today’s world. The Star of India Maritime Museum features a large collection of impeccably restored sailing vessels of all shapes and sizes, including the world’s oldest active ship: The Star of India. A day spent at this unique museum will have you taking away a whole new respect for the trials and tribulations suffered by sailors in long ago days and a love for the art of ship builders everywhere!

The Star of India in San Diego

Starting with the jewel of the sea, the Star of India may be the world’s oldest active ship. She just celebrated her 152nd birthday on November 14, 2015, but she most certainly doesn’t look her age! The last few years, she has been taking a break from her duties, getting little cosmetic touch ups here and there, but she’s a sturdy gal, and those who have walked her decks know she has many more exciting and fulfilling years ahead of her. Nearing the end of renovations, she will soon be sailing again, and we hope to be there on her next voyage!

The Star’s Sisters

The Star of India ship is just one of 11 ships featured in this unique museum, all of which you can come on board and explore, and some you can even sign up as a passenger! These are a list of the ones that still sail the friendly seas, allowing you to come aboard as a privileged passenger!

  • San Diego Pilot Boat – Originally launched in 1914, her original job was to help the commercial ships in and out of the bay, a job she performed well until her retirement in 1996. Today, she is still active, offering 45-minute bay cruises seven days a week.
  • PCF 816 Swift Boat – PCF stands for Patrol Craft Fast, which was what the US Navy called this Vietnam era boat used for patrol and special operations. The Swift Boat does two tours on the weekends that last 75 minutes and teaches its passengers a little something about military history in the area.
  • Californian- The official tall ship of the State of California is a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence and was built in 1984. You can enjoy a 3-hour cruise aboard her on the weekends.

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There’s so much more to do at the Star of India Museum, far more than we can cover in a short article! Book your luxury 710 Beach Rentals vacation home today and plan a visit to the Star of India ship while you are staying here; you won’t regret it!

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Visit The Star of India: Maritime Museum

Address: 1492 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 234-9153


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