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Stephen Birch Aquarium San Diego

When we are visiting different cities on our own vacations, one of our favorite past times is to visit an aquarium in whatever town we are staying and see how it stacks up to our own Stephen Birch Aquarium! Sadly, they rarely measure up, but we have to admit it’s not quite fair to make the comparison. How many aquariums in this world can offer blue whale watching excursions, full moon pier walks, and a summer concert series, in addition to the already amazing collection of sea life they exhibit each day? (Not many, is the answer to that question…in case you were wondering!)

Their Mission

The official mission statement of the Stephen Birch Aquarium in San Diego is to provide ocean science education, to interpret Scripps Institution of Oceanography research, and to promote ocean conservation,which, in simple phrasing, simply means they want to teach us about the beauty of the ocean and the importance of cherishing the creatures within. They manage to do so while providing fun experiences that show you just because its educational, it doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining!

Aquarium Experiences

  • Blue Whale Watching in the Summer – From July 30th through September 5th, Birch Aquarium partners with Flagship Cruises and Events for the trip of a lifetime: a 5-hour cruise spent watching the majestic blue whales. This life changing excursion costs less for Birch Aquarium members, so you might want to check out becoming a member.
  • #ILoveSharks – Cold, fascinating, and deadly, the shark is a creature we just can’t seem to learn enough about, and this educational series that takes place from June 27th through August 19th educates you on their vulnerabilities, latest research, and habits, while providing you with some hands on experiences.
  • Full Moon Pier Walk – Romantic and educational, this walk is offered twice per month in the summer and three times per month in the fall; check out their website for dates and times. Offering the opportunity to walk La Jolla’s most famous pier, the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier, which is usually closed to the public, you will be entertained and educated on the data collected at the pier over 100 years.


The above mentioned events and excursions are just a sample of what’s available to you at the aquarium; visit for yourself and be amazed at the sheer volume of sea life exhibits destined to charm and awe you as you explore the halls of this San Diego aquarium. The seahorse exhibit is one of our favorites, but the Hall of Fishes and the Living Tidal Pools run a close second and third!

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Visit the Stephen Birch Aquarium

Address: 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone: (858) 534-3474

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