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Take a Look into the Past at the Casa De Estudillo in San Diego, California

The Casa de Estudillo of San Diego is a historic Adobe home, also known as the Estudillo House. The Casa de Estudillo was built in 1827 by Jose Maria Estudillo and his son and was considered one of the finest houses in all of Mexican California. The Casa de Estudillo is located in the Old Town area of Historic San Diego and is designated with a California Historical Landmark and National Historic Landmark status.

About the Home

The Casa de Estudillo is one of the oldest surviving homes that is an example of Spanish architecture in California. The house has gained much of its fame through its association with the Helen Hunt Jackson popular novel Ramona. The Casa de Estudillo is one of only three National Historic Landmarks in Southern California that were closely tied to the novel, a novel about the California life shortly after the American acquisition of California.

The Casa de Estudillo is laid out in a U shape and was constructed in the Spanish Colonial style. This style means that the house’s 13 rooms are set consecutively in the building and connected only by an external covered corridor, as opposed to an interior hallway. The main portion of the home contains the entrance. To its left lies the chapel, and to its right the schoolroom. Both rooms were originally smaller, with bedrooms located at the ends of the building, but the 1910 restoration to the house eliminated two walls, making the rooms bigger.

A Glimpse of San Diego’s History

The Casa de Estudillo in San Diego is a great place for visitors to observe a piece of the Spanish history in southern California. The architecture that is displayed at The Casa de Estudillo is a perfect example of what the San Diego area would have looked like prior the acquisition of California by the United States. This house has stayed remarkably well preserved, and efforts to restore the home to peak condition are happening constantly. This home is truly a masterpiece to see in person.

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