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Take a Ride Through Myth with SeaWorld’s Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld San Diego takes visitors through a variety of different experiences, whether through their amazing ocean life shows or its state of the art water park, but their biggest attraction is still the Journey to Atlantis. This attraction takes riders on a journey to the mythical realm of Atlantis, through the ocean, and out the other side. The San Diego version of the ride is the second incarnation of the ride, first released in Orlando, but it has changed for the better, making a faster thrill ride. If you are looking for the best rollercoaster in San Diego, look no further than Journey to Atlantis.

About Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis opened in 2004 with many improvements to its Orlando counterpart. The San Diego version has chosen to forgo some of the large interior scenes of Atlantis for an addition of a much larger roller coaster ride.

Riders begin the ride at the loading station, where they file into boats and slowly climb a hill that is covered in fog. The view makes the climb look as though the boat is flowing uphill through water. When the boat reaches the top, the riders make a full U-turn, which wraps around the larger of two tower like buildings. This turn offers the rider a full view of the main coaster path that will leave even the most thrill-seeking riders in awe. The boat then heads through a fountain that pours water directly in front of the boat, turning off in time for the riders to pass. The boat suddenly drops 70 feet down a flume channel into a pool of water where riders are photographed.

The ride gets a little gentler at this point, as it takes you through a pound. On the other side, riders enter a tower that is dimly lit and the water begins to fill, elevating the boat up and onto another path. Riders will see a short film about Atlantis and its journey. The front of the tower will open and the boat soars down a 70-foot curved drop and through the final leg of the Journey to Atlantis.

Riders will float back to an unloading dock and walk through the Atlantis-themed shop, complete with a full aquarium that runs up the walls and underneath the floor. This gem of SeaWorld is an extremely unique roller coaster experience that you will need to try to truly understand.

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