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The Promenade at Pacific Beach

We really can’t decide which is our favorite vacation activity, shopping or eating, so please don’t make us choose; it’s too difficult! Fortunately, you won’t have to choose between the two when you visit the Promenade at Pacific Beach. This shopping mall has great shops AND tasty restaurants for everyone to enjoy! It’s also a popular access point to Pacific Beach, so if you ask us, everything that is wonderful about San Diego is located right here at the Promenade! Located in the heart of San Diego, if you can’t find something you love doing here at the Promenade San Diego, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

Shopping, Dining, and the Saturday Morning Farmers Market at The Promenade at Pacific Beach

Souvenir shopping is always a fun part of any vacation, and opportunities to bring home something memorable abound at the Promenade San Diego. The Pacific Beach Surf Shop has been in the same spot since 1959 when it was originally known as Fun and Sun. Walk inside and discover what has been forever framed inside its wooden walls: the scent of coconut sunscreen, surfboard wax, and the hopes and dreams of millions of surfers over the years. Pick up a few souvenirs from Pacific Beach Sun and Sea, explore the works of talented artists at Gallery at Land’s End, or slip off your flip flops, walk over to the beach, and sit and watch the waves. It’s your vacation, and the only rule is you get to spend it how you want to spend it!

When hunger pains begin to make you “hangry,” the Pacific Beach Fish Shop isn’t just a good place to eat; it was voted the Best Seafood Restaurant in California—and that’s saying a lot! The menu is simple, pick a fish, pick a style, and pick your drink. The PB Fish Shop offers smooth wines and refreshing craft beers to wash down the best fish dinner you have ever tasted!

And finally, since your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape comes with a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll probably appreciate a Saturday morning stroll through the Farmers’ Market at Pacific Beach. Grab your hat, your personal shopping bag, and explore the wonders found at this small, but still impressive market. Fresh fruits and veggies taste so much better when you pick them out yourself, and the arts and crafts vendors you’ll find at the farmer’s market may have just the souvenir for your wonderful mother-in-law who has stayed behind to watch your fur babies!

Contemplate the Good Times You Had at the Promenade at Pacific Beach

It’s the small moments that create the most magical memories, and when you take a few minutes of quiet time on the deck of your cozy beach cottage to contemplate the fun you had each day, your vacation gets even better. Reserve your 710 Beach Rentals vacation getaway today!

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