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San Diego Theme Parks

San Diego Theme Parks

When you’re young, nothing is more exciting than a day spent at your favorite theme park. You eat bad food, ride scary, yet exhilarating rides, and keep going and going and going until your feet finally give out. If you’re young enough to be in a stroller, you fall asleep cuddled amongst the many prizes your parents won for you with a smile on your face. And since theme parks aren’t just for the young, we’ve compiled a list of amusement parks in San Diego located near your San Diego 710 Beach Rental for your vacationing pleasure. Enjoy!

Belmont Park

This boardwalk San Diego theme park may remind you of Coney Island in New York, but it comes with a vibe that is ALL California! Roller coasters, arcade games, carny food, and shopping for souvenirs to bring back home all add up to a day spent in paradise. The sun is always shining in Belmont Park and you will kick yourself if you miss out on this beachside theme park!
Location: Mission Beach


Memorable things to do at SeaWorld

Offering an opportunity to learn about sea creatures, SeaWorld has always been an international favorite of tourists, and because SeaWorld believes in growth, you will find a few changes. Shamu will no longer perform for the crowds; instead, his home has been transformed into an environment as near to what it would have been in real life as possible, and the shows involve education, not exploitation. Learn and love the creatures that make their home in the sea at SeaWorld in Mission Bay. You may want to visit San Diego just for SeaWorld; this is one of the best San Diego amusement parks!

Location: Mission Bay

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Exhibits 2Live life on the wild side when you visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It was always a treat when our parents took us to see the monkeys frolicking in their home, and the zoo is even better today! Learn about animals from all over the planet and have a blast watching them in their near to natural habitats. The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park.
Location: Balboa Park

SD Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park gets you even closer to the animals by offering incredible safari experiences. These safaris put you right into the animals’ habitats, which mimic those in which their wild counterparts would be found. Enjoy the popular Caravan Safari through the African field enclosure, a jungle ropes safari, a behind the scenes safari,  and much more!

Location: Escondido

Legoland CA

Legoland San DiegoIt’s the favored toy in your house, one your kids love and you love to hate. These potentially lethal devices (to bare feet) offer your child the opportunity to be creative, and a trip to LEGOLAND will ensure that you stay the favored parent forever! Located at 5885 The Crossing Drive in Carlsbad, a visit to this park may have you changing the way you look at these toys the next time you step on one in the middle of the night!
Location: Carlsbad

Stay young and experience a second childhood by booking your San Diego vacation home through 710 Beach Rentals today; a visit to one of the many amusement parks in San Diego is sure to be a lasting memory for your whole family! And while the theme parks are incredible, there are many other activities and attractions in San Diego, so be sure to explore them all when you stay in rental from 710 Beach Rentals today!

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