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Thrill Attractions in San Diego

Thrill Attractions in San Diego

There are an unlimited number of things to do in the Southern California area of San Diego. With all the beaches, parks, museums, dining, shopping, and more, you will have no problem filling up your vacation itinerary. However, there’s also plenty of adventure to be found and the chance to create some unique memories. If you live for thrills, you’ll find no shortage of activities to satisfy your thirst for excitement in this city. Though surfing is the heart and soul of this region, there are many other ways to get your adrenaline rush aside from riding the waves. Get the most out of your getaway with these top San Diego attractions that will get your blood-pumping.

Swimming with Sharks

If your goal is to stimulate your senses to the extreme, there’s no better way to achieve it than to swim with sharks in the open ocean. A few companies in the region offer shark diving encounters that allow you to swim freely without being in a cage. Guided by professionals in a safe setting, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the magnificent sea creatures in their natural habitat. As one of the most unique attractions in San Diego, this is a can’t-miss activity!

Jet Boating

Ride across the San Diego Bay in electrifying fashion on an open-air jet boat that’s traveling at high speeds. The Patriot Jet Boat is a great way to take in spectacular views of the city and water, while your captain zips and zooms along at up to 50 miles per hour. Just be prepared to get wet and hold on tight during the 360-degree turns that will be performed at full speed.


For those who have always wondered what it would be like to fly, sailplaning provides the perfect chance to capture the feeling. Either by yourself or with a partner, soar through the sky in a sailplane or try an aerobatic flight where you’ll get to loop, roll, and dip like an air show specialist.

Paragliding/Hang Gliding

Check in for your flight at Torrey Pines Gliderport and get ready to launch yourself off the bluffs while attached to a paraglider or hang glider. You’ll get the best views of the coastline before coming in for a smooth landing on Black’s Beach.

Whatever adventure you decide to partake in, you can expect your San Diego vacation to be one to remember. Our team at 710 Beach Rentals wants to make sure your stay is the best it can be by setting you up in one of our superior property rentals. From the comfort of our homes, you’ll have great access to all the top San Diego attractions. Call us today to book!

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