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USS Midway Museum San Diego, CA

By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Scott Taylor [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsAny city built on the shores of an ocean is sure to have a rich military history, and San Diego is no exception; this seaport has done more than its fair share of serving our country! The USS Midway Museum is actually an aircraft carrier that was retired from duty many years ago, but it still serves as a reminder of the perils we faced and fought proudly against during troubled times in our country’s history. Today, you can explore almost every inch of this magnificent carrier, and to some degree, have the opportunity to experience what life must have been like aboard this floating city!

The Exhibits

The USS Midway was on active duty for nearly 50 years, making it the longest serving military carrier in our nation’s history, and the 60 exhibits you will find aboard the ship tell the story in full, as do the 29 fully restored aircraft that will amaze all members of your vacationing party. A few of these historical airplanes offer the opportunity for you to climb aboard and explore the cockpits of some of our country’s finest fighting machines, ranging from dive bombers from the World War eras, Korean war era aircraft, Vietnam’s F-4 Phantom, and even a couple of examples from Desert Storm—including the A-6 Intruder! Explore the captain’s quarters, the ship jail, and the equipment that you find on the bridge, as well as many other fascinating examples of ship life in a self-guided audio tour. Plan on spending at least half a day aboard the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum; you might miss something if you don’t!

Interactive Experiences

In addition to the above activities, you will find many hands-on activities to keep you entertained and engaged as well! Fight mighty battles in the Air Combat 360 flight simulators for only $16 a person. Practice spinning and rolling and many other trick flights you’ve seen in the movies over the years. Minimum height for solo flight is 48 inches in height, but if your youngster flies with an adult, he or she can be 42 inches high. If you are of the giant variety of human (over 6’5”), you will have to pass up on this opportunity, unfortunately, but there are still many other activities to keep you occupied!

Meet World War veterans and listen as they tell their stories, watch real live military ceremonies, learn to tie knots the Navy way, or pass some time shopping in the on ship gift shop! Boredom is not an option above the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum, which is located at 910 North Harbor Drive by Navy Pier.

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Visit the USS Midway Museum

Address: 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 544-9600

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