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Visit San Diego’s Most Historic Park at Presidio Park

Visitors of the San Diego area will want to make sure to stop at the most historic park in the San Diego Area. Presidio Park is a city historic park that is the site where San Diego Presidio and the San Diego Mission were founded in 1769. These missions were the first European settlements in what is now the western United States. Visitors will be able to enjoy the area where the San Diego was first founded and experience the unique history behind such a diverse city.

Presidio Park

Presidio Park encompasses about 40 acres of land for visitors to enjoy. At the park, visitors can enjoy scenic sweeping views of the city skyline, the San Diego River Valley, and the Pacific Ocean. The grounds of the park are open for a variety of events, but mostly suggested as a picnic and play area. Presidio Park can be rented out for special events like weddings or birthdays, but potential renters will need to contact the city prior to their event to ensure they are issued a permit. The park has multiple locations in which to hold such events and these locations vary in size. The most popular is Inspiration Point. The park also has locations like Pam Canyon, Mission Hills, and The Arbor. These event locations can be book up to 6 months in advance. If you would like to obtain a permit for a special event, please contact the permit center at 619 235-1169.

Historic Palm Tree

The most historic portion of the park is the original site where Junipero Serra planted a palm tree when he first arrived. This ancient palm tree has been proclaimed a California Historical Landmark and visitors are able to view this historic tree. This tree is the only historic landmark in the park, no other historical structures still remain in the park. If visiting, make sure you use caution in marked off areas as archeological excavations do occur occasionally.

Junipero Serra Museum

Adjacent to the park lies the Junipero Serra Museum. This historical museum is operated by the San Diego Historical Society and features displays about the mission, the details of their visit, and the history of the city of San Diego. The Junipero Serra Museum is sometimes referred to the Presidio, after its iconic mission style structure. If you would like to know more info on the park or any of its features, please visit their site!

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Visit Presidio Park

Address: 2811 Jackson St, San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 692-4918


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