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Top 5 Beachside Restaurants in San Diego

You know when you leave a restaurant, they always have a bowl of peppermints for you to take to aid in the digestion of your meal? The calming properties of the mint herb can ease upset stomachs or indigestion pains, so your memories of the said restaurant will be happy ones, not ones of pain or discomfort. We at 710 Beach Rentals, however, have been doing our own research and we have discovered a miracle digestive aid that doesn’t involve ingesting candy; dining at one of these top five beachside restaurants in San Diego is all you need!

World Famous, 711 Pacific Beach Drive

The owners of World Famous were smart when they designed the décor of this tasty surf and turf restaurant. Oversized windows and simple furnishings don’t distract diners from the view of the Pacific Ocean that is their backyard. One of the best restaurants in San Diego. The menu changes frequently, so we can’t really pick a favorite dish; we suggest trying them all! Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can come back multiple times in one day!

The Best Restaurants in San Deigo: Wonderland Ocean Bar, 5083 Santa Monica Avenue

Not all oceanside restaurants need to be elegant dining establishments where you feel you need to dress in your finest clothes; some can be like Wonderland Ocean Bar and feel like a home away from home. Casual décor, great food, cold drinks, and an ocean view is their recipe for success. Try their Fisherman’s Stew just once and you’ll be hooked for life!

Top of the Market, 750 North Harbor Drive

There are those times when you want the WOW experience, those moments when cold beer and a burger just won’t do it for you. You want elegance, class, expertly prepared dishes, and a view that will take your breath away. You want Top of the Market! Perched atop the Fish Market and offering views that span from Point Loma to the Coronado Bridge, the views will stop you mid-bite, but the meals are up to the challenge—especially the Cavatelli with Lobster.

Tidal, 1404 Vacation Road

This California-inspired restaurant is light, bright, and serene, offering healthy dishes and unstoppable views. A varied menu offers meals from land and sea, and a four-course chef’s tasting meal helps take the pressure off ordering! Why stress over an endless selection of choices when someone else can make the choice for you?

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, 21590 Harbor Island Drive

Because overachievers are never satisfied with just offering terrific food and unbelievable views, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse adds a unique architectural touch to the package: a fully functioning lighthouse, known as Beacon #9 on the US Coast Guards Nautical Maps! Open since 1971 and winner of many food awards over the decades, the meals are innovative and delicious, and the service is impeccable!

Because More Can Never be a Bad Thing

We’re adding a 6th location to the mix: your 710 Beach Rentals beachside cottage! Our fully equipped and stylish kitchens make whipping up a family meal easy and fun, and being able to enjoy the meal on the patio at sunset in your swimsuit makes it taste even better! Reserve yours today!