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Top 5 Indoor San Diego Activities

We get it. With weather so wonderful in San Diego, it must be strange that we are writing about the top five INDOOR activities San Diego. But let’s be realistic: Even paradise suffers from freak weather phenomena, and sometimes it can rain, be too hot, or even be too cold! Maybe you are a little sunburned from too much California sun, or maybe you just want to make sure you are seeing everything San Diego has to offer. Whatever your reasons, this list of the top five indoor activities will keep you entertained for as many of your vacation hours you wish to spend on them!

The Birch Aquarium, 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla

As you explore San Diego and its surrounding cities and towns, you may find nearby La Jolla one of the more photogenic regions, and if you’re looking for some inside fun, the Birch Aquarium is a wonderful place to play! Featuring all your favorite creatures of the sea (and some new ones you didn’t know existed in the form of an oddities expedition opening June 29th), eco-educational exhibits, and ocean exploration activities for the younger people in your group, the Birch Aquarium is one of our favorite rainy-day adventures.

Balboa Theater, 868 Fourth Avenue

When you’re this close to the city of stars, you can pretty much guarantee that a night at the theater will be more than you could have ever dreamed, and when your theater night takes place at the historic Balboa Theater, you’ll never be satisfied by an ordinary theater again. The original home of vaudeville in San Diego, renovations were completed in 2008, and today the theater is home to a host of amazing performances. From Broadway shows to live music and everything in between, this theater is the perfect place to spend some indoor time.

Whaley House, 2476 San Diego Avenue

The history of our city is long and rich, and it shows in the architecture of many of the buildings you will find out here, but especially in the Whaley House, a home built in the Greek Revival style back in 1857. Built as a family home for the wealthy and successful Whaley family, today it offers a fascinating glimpse into the lifestyles of Old Town San Diego.

Malahat Spirits Company, 8706 Production Avenue

Wineries are big in this neck of the woods, but to be honest, not everyone appreciates a fine glass of wine; but rum is tasty to just about everyone! The Malahat Spirits Company offers tastings on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00PM until 7:00PM for $15 per person. The tasting itself may not use up too much of your time, but narrowing down your choice of rum to bring home may last a while!

K1 Speed, 1709 Main Street

As our children grow older, they tend to think we, the parents, are old, feeble, and out of touch; the K1 Speed indoor go-kart race track is the ideal place to show them otherwise! Offering electric carts that have speeds up to 45 miles an hour, speed demons will have the time of their lives at this indoor activities San Diego!

After A Day Of San Diego Activities It’s Pool Time!

After a day of indoor San Diego activities, you’re going to want to get back out in the sun, and your private pool in your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home is the perfect place to start! Soak up the rays in style as you and your family happily frolic in the crystal-clear waters. Reserve your stay today and discover how our homes enhance your vacation experience!