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Top 5 Restaurants In San Diego

Vacation dining can be the highlight of your entire trip, especially when the decision is made to visit some of the finer restaurants in town. Impeccable décor, attentive service, and of course, a meal that is delicious and unique can be just the thing to help drive home the fact that you are on vacation and you are ready to be spoiled. Many towns and cities that you visit may have a limited selection of fine dining establishments. San Diego restaurants, however, has an endless number of elegant, classy, and delicious spots. When you feel like being pampered every single night, you can visit any of the best restaurants in San Diego listed below for a dining experience unlike any before!

Addison, 5200 Grand Del Mar Way

A taste of Europe is found here, and not just in the French cuisine created by Chef William Bradley. It can be found in the arches that lead you to this epicurean paradise, in the elegant seating that is a combination of dark wood and lavish material, the full bar in wood and marble, and the wine cellar in the center of the room.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room, 400 J Street

When you’re this close to the ocean, you expect the seafood to be tasty. When you visit The Oceanaire, you can expect it to be divine! Only the sweetest treats of the sea can be found in this fine dining establishment, where the service, décor, and wine list are as important as the food.

Coasterra, 880 Harbor Island Drive

Mexican food is comfort food to we Americans who live so close to the border, and Coasterra has found a new and modern way to serve our old favorites! Waterfront views may distract you for a moment, but the cuisine will win you over every time!

AVANT Restaurant, 17550 Bernardo Oaks Drive

Luxury doesn’t have to be uptight, and this casually elegant American eatery is proof of that! The owners and chef want you to feel comfortable as you nosh on Pork Tomahawk or their tangerine glazed chicken breast!

Salvatore’s Cucina Italiana, 750 Front Street

Sometimes there is no need to mess with a classic. Take lasagna, for instance. Homemade pasta, homemade sauce, cheese, veggies, and meat—why would anyone want to change that up? Salvatore’s is where you go for romance, style, and the classic foods that come straight from the old country!

Searsucker Del Mar, Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Beachy and stylish may not seem to mix, but when you throw in sweet potato steaks, bottomless mimosas, and impeccable service, stylish beach is exactly what you get!

The Elegance Continues

Your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home is filled with all the luxury restaurants in San Diego and amenities you have become accustomed to in life; reserve yours today and continue the theme of elegance and style in your vacation home away from home!