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Things To Do in San Diego: Top 5 Sites for History Lovers

There are many reasons people choose San Diego as their vacation destination spot. Some are here for the amazing weather and the chance to get in some “sea time,” others visit for the culture, spending all their times at museums, fine restaurants, and enjoying the night life, while still others are here for the history. San Diego has a long, rich, and colorful history that began upon its discovery in 1542, and because we appreciate all that our ancestors did to help make our ocean city the fantastic place it is today, it’s entirely possible to spend your vacation doing nothing but visiting historical sites. This article is for our guests who love history as much as we do. Sometimes, to appreciate what you have today, it’s important to look back into time.

Cabrillo National Monument, 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive

The beginning is usually the best place to start, and the Cabrillo National Monument is the spot where our history began. Walk where our founding father, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, first stepped foot on our piece of paradise, and as you stare at the stature commemorating him and his accomplishments, try to imagine the wild beauty of the land he saw all those centuries ago.

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, 4002 Wallace Street

Moving forward a few hundred years, the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park offers a glimpse of what life in 1800s San Diego would have been like. Follow the footsteps of our ancestors at this thing to do in San Diego as you explore the gardens, fountains, shops, and over two dozen historic sites that have been protected since the park first “opened its gates.”

Fort Stockton, Presidio City Park

Military buffs will enjoy a visit to this top activities in San Diego. Today, it is a memorial to a fortification that was once under Mexican control until American naval hero, Admiral Robert Stockton, recaptured it in 1846.

Gaslamp Quarter

Often described as the “Historic Heart of San Diego,” the Gaslamp Quarter retains the feel (and many of the structures) of the late 1800s San Diego. As you walk the charming, tree-lined streets, you’ll get a glimpse of how life once was here in our sunny ocean town. The gas lamps for which this quarter was named can still be found along the way, and the intricacy of the architecture will take your breath away at this top activities in San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo, 2920 Zoo Drive

It’s not often a zoo is described as a historic site, but the San Diego Zoo has been one of the top zoos in the country since opening day in 1915. Their mission is to end extinction, and as they have evolved and grown over the years, they have done their job well!

More Things to do in San Diego, Historic Sightseeing Can Be Exhausting

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