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Top 5 Places to Party in San Diego

Vacations are a time for relaxation, adventure, and taking the opportunity to let your hair down in a place you don’t have to worry that someone you know may see and judge you, and your vacation in San Diego offers opportunities to do all of these things. When you’re ready to party, well, we’re ready to show you where to go! The nightlife in San Diego can be as wild as a walk along the water’s edge can be peaceful, so grab your dancing shoes and your cutest club dress and prepare to stay up late into the night at one (or all!) of these top five places to party in San Diego!

Club Crawl San Diego

When the weekend rolls around, the people in the know start preparing for nights of endless fun. $25 buys you entrance into four of the hottest clubs in the city—and a welcoming shot at the beginning of the evening, as well! Get the VIP treatment as you walk from club to club with no cover charges and no waiting in long lines. Making new friends is easy when you take part in the Club Crawl! Tickets can be purchased at https://www.clubcrawlsandiego.com/.

Moonshine Flats, 344 7th Avenue

Country music lovers don’t need to worry about not finding a place to do the two-step in the big city; Moonshine Flats is famous for its live music, DJ’s, and of course, its moonshine! Sexy and fun, you’ll feel right at home tossing back shots and singing along to the music you know all the words to—and learning a few new songs as well!

The Tipsy Crow, 770 5th Avenue

Three levels allow for three times the fun. Hang out on the main level, which has been serving drinks since the early 1900s, the underground level, which is the home to comedy shows and live rock music, and the wood paneled lounge, which began as a fireworks storage building in the late 1800s. Offering something for everyone, if you’re not happy on one level, you can always go to another; everyone leaves the Tipsy Crow with smiles on their faces at the end of the night!

Oxford Social Club, 435 5th Avenue

Because every party doesn’t have to be about shots and dirty dancing, the Oxford Social Club offers a more sophisticated and glamorous places to party in San Diego. Enjoy live music performed by some of the best in the business, plush sofas covered in velvet for your bottle service needs, and an elegant décor that could have come straight from a movie set. Your night out will be a memorable one when you party with the beautiful people at one of San Diego’s most unique nightspots.

F6ix, 526 F Street

Mirrors, music, and lighted disco balls are just a few of the things that make F6ix the top party spot in town. Hip hop music spun by the hottest DJs in town make it the first spot you want to stop at on your night of shenanigans! Offering bottle service and a unique spin on San Diego nightlife bar food, this is one of our favorite spots to party until the sun comes up!

Enjoy a Soft Place to Land After the San Diego Nightlife

Quiet, cool, and filled with comfortable furniture, the morning after won’t be so bad when you stay with us! Reserve your stay today; everyone needs a soft place to land after an epic night out on the town!