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Top Beaches in San Diego

Summer vacation is here, and you’ve been waiting all year to hit the beach. Living on a diet of water and lettuce, you’ve reached the perfect bikini weight, you’ve practiced tanning at home so you don’t turn into a lobster after your first beach day, and the new bikini you bought fits the California vibe perfectly. Now all you need is to be pointed in the direction of the best beaches in San Diego, and 710 Beach Rentals is here to lead the way!

Best Beaches in San Diego: Mission Beach

Mission Beach is the one you have more than likely seen on all the old television shows and movies, featuring a paved path for joggers and roller bladers, sand volleyball courts, and Belmont Park, one of the oldest amusement parks in the state. Lined with restaurants and bars, Mission Beach offers the perfect spot for the perfect beach day.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is a luxurious spread of sand located just beyond the doors of the venerable Hotel Del Coronado. Spend your day frolicking in the surf, sitting under an umbrella reading a good book, or if you’re staying in one of our pet friendly rentals, the north end of the beach, known as dog run beach, allows your fur baby to roam freely.

Pacific Beach

You may wish that your summer vacation never ends when you spend some of your time at Pacific Beach. And with lifeguards perched high above the beach, you know your family’s safety is San Diego’s top priority! With cute boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and rental places that allow you to rent anything from surf boards to beach bikes, if you need it during your fabulous beach day, you can find it right here at one of the top beaches in San Diego!

Ocean Beach

This pet friendly beach is a haven to sun worshipers and surfer dudes; it’s also a great place to drop a line from the Ocean Beach Pier and catch the night’s dinner! Walk along the shore’s edge watching people as the waters tickle your feet, or rent a board, take some lessons, and show your family back home that you really ARE the adventurous type!

The Beach Outside Your 710 Beach Rentals Vacation Escape

Whether it’s a small stretch of rocky beach or a vast expanse of sandy acreage, our beachfront homes offer the perfect place to spoil your family in between visits to the top beaches in San Diego! Spend the day looking for shells and evenings enjoying fresh grilled seafood on the back deck as the sun sets over the horizon. This vacation will be better than you ever dreamed possible when you stay in a 710 Beach Rentals beachfront property. Reserve yours today!