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Top 5 Spas In San Diego

Vacations aren’t always the stress-free respites from real life that we hope they will be. Often, we are so afraid of missing out on some important touristy activity that we jam pack every second of our trip and return home more exhausted than when we left! A good time was definitely had, but wouldn’t it have been nice to be able to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate? Well, your San Diego vacation is going to be different. This is the trip that will be all about you, your needs, your comfort, and your relaxation, and this list of the top five spas is going to be the way you’re going to accomplish it! Find out which spa is the best spa in San Diego to you!

The Hidden Spa, 4969 Santa Monica Avenue

Offering your choice of spa treatments, including everything from massages to dermabrasion—even mimosas and chocolate—they know what we want and need!

Eco Chateau, 2831 Camino Del Rio South #209

The employees at this wonderful establishment care about their guests and the environment; their mission is not just to pamper and spoil, but to educate consumers on how to do so naturally! Offering an online store with all the natural products used on you, this is one spa you can take home with you!

Alleviating Whispering Waters Day Spa, 550 Cedar Street #102

Bachelorette parties are all the more fun when you start with a visit to this awesome spa. Take care of yourself and your girls, then go out and party ‘til the sun comes up again. There is no better way to say goodbye to your single days. They offer prenatal packages too, so if you’re warming a bun in the oven, give them a call!

Urban Calm, 726 Ninth Avenue #3

Anyone who can provide calm in the big city is ok in our books, and Urban Calm has mastered peace, quiet, and of course, calm. Step inside and close the big wooden door; do you feel the stress already dropping from your shoulders? Thank you, Urban Calm, for doing your job so well. What would we do without your soothing massages and comforting facial treatments?

The Spa at Paradise Point, 1404 Vacation Road

If you can’t find a service here, chances are it doesn’t exist. The Spa at Paradise Point offers the ultimate in spa treatments and services, and you know what? You are worth it! Book a treatment (or six!) today; it’s life changing!

But the Pampering Doesn’t Stop at the Door of the Spa!

710 Beach Rentals vacation homes are designed to spoil, pamper, and indulge; reserve yours today and explore the spas in San Diego California and make this vacation an unforgettable one!